A Braemar Blether with Pat!

Pat and Patricia!


Braemar Church is receiving quite a lot of visitors, who seem to enjoy the quiet of the peaceful building when it is open to anyone during the week, and we have to thank them for signing the Visitors Book and for the kind comments and also donations which are left.

There are lots of comments made in the village by tourists about how lovely it is to have a 'village clock' and especially one which chimes on the hour. Hearing these comments makes us realise how much all the fund raising for the 'Clock Appeal' was worthwhile. There will be an evening Dedication Service for the 'New Clock' in the summer.

A few of the Elders and some of the congregation of Braemar Church are members of The Castleton Dancers, the Scottish Country Dancing group who welcome visitors staying in Braemar's two larger hotels, on a weekly basis. The group perform  traditional Scottish dances to live accordian music, speak to the residents and guests and collect donations for various charities. At the moment, we are hoping to raise a sizeable donation for Cancer Research. Up to this moment we have raised and donated £39,000 and are hoping to reach the Big 40 this summer, as far as the charity donations (and not age) are concerned. We did donate to the 'Village Clock'. 

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